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P-TEC DAF Systems: HR Series

P-TEC HR Series DAF systems are specifically designed utilizing inclined plate technology and can be used to treat waste streams in both primary and secondary applications. The HR Series units are compact in size relative to the amount of flow they can treat. Designed to handle both floating and settling solids effectively, the HR series DAF is a very versatile machine for many different applications.

The inclined plate design of the HR Series allows for the utilization of effective surface area to significantly increase the hydraulic capacity of these machines while preventing solids build-up often found in systems with plates or media.

The HR Series DAFs utilize the unique PTEC Skimmer System that is known for reliability and low maintenance. The settled solids removal system is also simple and low to no maintenance. These low maintenance characteristics combined with a heavy-duty design and proven treatment efficiencies allows these machines to be the safest and best place to spend your capital when considering DAF for your application.

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