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About P-TEC DAF Systems

Since the early 1990's, the members of PTEC have been entrenched in the DAF business from every possible angle. After over a decade of various careers within the DAF industry, the founders of PTEC came together in the early 2000's to make the Best of the Best when it comes to Dissolved Air Flotation Machinery. This combination of expertise in Innovative Equipment Design, Advanced Manufacturing Processes, Detailed Project Management and On-going Service/Training is still the foundation of how PTEC operates today.

"Our philosophy is really simple: Build the machine that we would want to buy if it were our own money on the line." Chris Windsor - President

System Design

P-TEC utilizes proven DAF concepts and designs combined with innovative features that have yielded cost effective, heavy duty, high performance systems that span from 5 GPM to over 3,000 GPM in a single DAF unit.

System Manufacturing

P-TEC System Manufacturing is definitely top of the line, utilizing Laser cutting as one of the most cost effective and versatile technologies with increased flexibility and amazing accuracy. This combined with CNC braking, CNC punching and some of the most talented stainless steel welders in the business and you get a precision-made system that is second to none in the industry.

Systems Operation and On-going Support

The support staff at P-TEC has decades of experience in the design, sizing and operational aspects of several lines of DAF equipment. P-TEC continues to service and supply parts for existing DAF systems that were supplied to many customers prior to the development of the P-TEC line of DAF systems. P-TEC has the expertise to not only produce the highest quality equipment available in the industry, but also to make sure it is properly applied and works as intended for years to come.

The PTEC team is ready to help make your next DAF purchase an easy experience with outstanding end results.

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